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    The foundation of an organization is its people. At TTI, we invest heavily in developing current and future leaders through aggressive recruitment, training and recognition programs. Strong, effective leadership keeps our company strategically focused on facing the often unpredictable market forces.

    Team TTI begins with dedicated and well trained employees meeting with consumers and professional users on a daily basis. We visit retail locations to interact with the customer as they are in the decision making process to assist them with product knowledge and demonstrations, plus ideas for solving their projects efficiently. This, of course, is the ideal time to ask questions about performance, what they like, what they don't like and, most important, what they would like to see in new products or features.

    This type of interaction and input is invaluable since the customer will often describe what they want to do which provides the inspiration our Team TTI uses to create an innovative solution for that desire. This is what helps us win in the market. We are very good listeners. And with over 400 Team TTI staff, we do a lot of listening providing one-to-one customer contact in all global markets. We are learning and sharing to make our customer's lives better.